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Philip A. Russo has established a solid reputation of successful outcomes for his clients.  Here are a few of his positive results.

Work Accident: A 31 year-old Engineer was shocked by a television signal pulsar at his job, and suffered significant injuries, including burns, herniated thoracic discs, cervical fracture, and deafness in one ear. This action was settled for $2,475,000.00, of which $1,800,000 was structured and over $700,000 was lump sum payment to plaintiff.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Stopped traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway led to a rear end collision, involving 3 vehicles and resulting in injuries to the plaintiff in the first vehicle. Injuries included bulging discs, loss of range of motion, vertigo and headaches. The initial offer made by one of the other parties was $2000. Later, after the verdict, offers were made to settle at $10,000 from each of the 2 other parties. Jury verdict: $500,000.00, broken down to $125,000 for past pain and suffering and $375,000 for future pain and suffering, with liability assigned at 50% to each of the other 2 parties.

Propane Explosion: “Hot Dog” truck has a propane explosion, resulting in extensive burns to victim’s face, arms and upper body. Family retains Philip Russo and obtains maximum possible settlement of $300,000 without trial. Amount was equal to full value of insurance policy possessed by truck owner.

Automobile Accident: Injured in an accident, this client had a prior attorney who could not conclude the case after more than 3 years. After shoulder surgery and lower back surgery, the insurance company for the driver who struck his vehicle offered no more than $60,000. Within 3 months of taking on the case Philip Russo obtained a settlement $150,000 just prior to jury selection.



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